welcome to radiooz

Do you remember when radio was all about good times? Do you remember when you felt like the music being played on the radio was being selected for you and your friends? Heading to the beach and singing along to songs that you loved - not songs that were being selected for you by the record companies and advertisers?

If you loved those times, you're going to love radiooz!

We decided that it was time to bridge the gap between the slick, sanitised, predictable sounds of commercial radio and the well-meaning and comfortable warmth that is provided by community stations. Our management team represent years of involvement in both commercial and community radio and we think we understand what needs to be done to bridge that gap.

Our business will be funded through sponsorships but not at the big end of town. Our listeners are based in regional Australia and they understand the importance of supporting their local traders and businesses. Our sponsorship packages will reflect our commitment to small business, with opportunities starting from as low as $50 per week.

Radio Panel

But wait, there's more ...

We also have access to a range of skills, equipment and facilities that allow us to work with our clients on a range of audio projects including:

For more specific information, please visit our services page or contact us to have a conversation with one of our experts.