Learning Guitar

How Long Can it Take to Master the Guitar?

Mastering anything can be a pretty encouraging achievement. The human mind is such a gifted tool that it’s capable of learning how to perform most tasks to near perfection and when it comes to playing the guitar, a musician could go from novice to professional in next to no time. But what exactly is ‘no time’ and how long should you expect to dedicate to your guitar lessons?

If you’re a complete amateur, you might want to take part in a few free guitar lessons for beginners – many of which can be found online and on YouTube. Although you won’t get very far with this type of education, you’ll be able to bypass the initial chord-learning phase and prepare yourself for a deeper level of education.

Guitar lessons for beginners can also be a good way to gauge your own capabilities from the offset. As many sessions are free to perform online there’s no need to spend any cash, as you see how you might perform when it comes to the real thing with a tutor. As mentioned above however, the types of guitar lessons YouTube offers are often quite basic – and in order to learn properly, you will eventually need to consider hiring a guitar tutor to guide you as you grow.

Can you teach yourself guitar for free?

Yes and no. If you don’t mind spending a little bit longer to learn the chords than you would under the guidance of a tutor, then you could certainly learn the basics of a guitar. If you want to play professionally however, or if you want to go from amateur to expert, then you will certainly need a teacher to help you to transition your skillset as it improves.

How long can it take to learn the guitar like a professional?

Plenty of people find themselves keen to start learning the guitar because the instrument is believed to be fairly straight forward to get to grips with. Although the chords are certainly simple when compared to those of a cello, a violin, or a harp they are by no means easy to master – and even those that play professionally still find themselves asking questions, or trying to learn more.

A good estimate of the amount of time that it can take to learn the guitar (and we stress the word estimate) would be two years. This is deemed by many tutors to be the ideal amount of time for a guitar player to properly understand the position of their fingers whilst strumming, as well as allowing them enough time to learn and master a selection of songs.

Some people are simply more musical by nature and it’s said that those that fall into this category will often be able to learn to play the guitar much more efficiently. Then there are those that may already play another instrument and understand the keys and chords. But the duration mentioned above appeals specifically to those without any formal training beforehand – and those that can dedicate at least one hour a week to their lessons.

After the guitar’s chords have been learnt properly, a guitarist should be able to play individually and without the guidance of their tutor. With their new skill it can be possible to pursue a career as a professional musician, or simply enjoy leisure time with an electric guitar plugged into an amplifier, or an acoustic guitar over a camp fire.

In any event – the likelihood of enjoying a high level of skill over a guitar will be far quicker with lessons as opposed to learning to play the guitar online; mainly due to the fact that the physical input can help to properly position fingers and ideally gauge the distance between chords.